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Group Benefits Disability Specialist Program Schedule


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Group Disability Specialist Program Schedule
Group Benefits Disability Specialist Program
Pre-work* Class Dates Location/Delivery  
6/25/17 7/25/17 - 7/27/17 Hanover, MD
(Baltimore Area)
7/2/17 8/1/17 - 8/3/17 Pittsburgh, PA Enroll
7/16/17 8/15/17 - 8/17/17 Englewood, CO
(Denver Area)
8/13/17 9/12/17 - 9/14/17 Princeton, NJ
(Trenton Area)
8/20/17 9/19/17 - 9/21/17 Miamisburg, OH Enroll
Tuition: $795

*Start date for self-paced phase I pre-work